Available courses

This course covers all materials required for ELDT Training, including:

  • Medical Disqualification
  • Driver Wellness
  • CDL Disqualifications
  • IFTA / IRP
  • Basic Vehicle Controls
  • Shifting Gears
  • Speed Control & Management
  • Visual Checks, Mirrors, & Blind Spots
  • Distracted Driving & Aggressive Driving
  • Night-Time Driving, Winter Driving, Fog
  • Emergency Maneuvers, Fires & Accident Procedures
  • Communication, Signals
  • Safety Equipment, Emergency Tool Kit, Malfunctions & Maintenance
  • Railroad Crossing Procedures

This course will give you an overview of Air Brakes, including: 

  • Brake Types
  • Brake Chambers
  • Dual Air Brake System Functions
  • Air Brake Leakage

This course covers the Combinations portion of ELDT Training, including:

  • Coupling System (5th Wheel) Components
  • How to Couple (Hook) a Trailer
  • How to Uncouple (Drop) a Trailer
  • Understanding Articulation

This course contains training on the Pre-Trip Inspection, including:

  • The purpose of a Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Form A Inspection
  • Form B Inspection
  • Form C Inspection
  • Coupling Inspection
  • In-Cab Inspection, including the 3 Point Air Brake Inspection (L.A.B.)

This course contains ELDT Training for Hours of Service & Logging them, including:

  • What Are Hours of Service?
  • HOS Clocks
  • HOS Breaks
  • HOS Rules & Regulations
  • Completing A Paper Log
  • Using an ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

This course contains training on Load Securement & Weight Distribution, including:

  • Strapping, Tarping & Chaining
  • High Center of Gravity & Surge
  • Transporting Cargo Safely
  • Safety Checks
  • Weight Distribution & Tandem Sliding
  • Bridge Laws

This course contains training on Map Reading & Trip Planning, including:

  • How to read a map/atlas
  • Estimating Travel Times
  • Planning a Route
  • Logging A Trip